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by Merritt on May 30, 2012

I’m still getting back in the blogging groove after finishing the AtoZ Challenge a few weeks ago. But I didn’t want to miss this week’s What I Love Wednesday as a chance to share about our weekend.

To start, I need to rewind a week. Last Wednesday the Husband woke up with a horrendous cough. The kind that sounds like he was hacking up a lung. Ugh. He tried to sleep it off and finally went to the doctor on Friday.

2012 05 27 BB10Ka 300x291 What I Love WednesdaysI’d already begun to prepare myself that he might not feel up to cheering me on in my first Bolder Boulder 10K race to be held on Monday morning. In fact, I was preparing to do the whole thing solo—riding the bus to Boulder {for the first time ever}, finding my way to the Start Line {even though I seem to be directionally challenged here}, running the race and {somehow} getting back to the bus stop that would take me home.  I wasn’t looking forward to it, but I had to prepare my heart for the possibility.

It might not seem like a big deal to you, Dear Reader. If the Husband is sick, he needs to rest. But what I haven’t yet mentioned is he’s one of the greatest “race-chasers” a girl could ever hope for. And his expertise in such matters has a unique memory tied to it for us.

You see, I was signed up to run the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon in 2007. We were just starting to spend time more together—not yet dating—and he sincerely wanted to come out and watch the race. It was December, and it was cold outside. And I mean COLD! He got up early, drove me and a friend to the start line, brought his bike, a backpack full of supplies, and a fancy camera, and he found me several times on the course. That’s my hard core race-chaser!

{If you’ve never tried this, it’s not as easy as it sounds with road closures and complicated mathematical estimates to predict exactly where your runner will be at precisely the right time so you don’t miss her and foil your plans for the rest of the race.}

And at the end of the Half, he showed up with a blanket and snacks to warm me. His willingness to be there with me early, in bad weather, in all my sweatiness, for a two-hour race when we WEREN’T EVEN DATING spoke volumes to me. And that day was part of knowing *this* would be worth a try.

Back in the present day–he thankfully started to feel better by Saturday night and was in his best race-chasing attire for the 10K on Monday morning.

He got up at O-Dark-Hundred to drive us to Boulder.

2012 05 28 BB10Ksm1 What I Love Wednesdays

Found rock-star-parking that I didn’t even know existed.

Took pics of me at the start line before the rest of the world arrived.

2012 05 28 BB10K4sm2 What I Love Wednesdays

Played photographer with our friends at the start.

2012 05 28 BB10K3sm What I Love Wednesdays

He even got a great pic of me as our wave started. I’ve been running almost my whole life and THIS has never happened before!

2012 05 28 BB10Ksm What I Love Wednesdays

He thought of things that would make me laugh during the race.

2012 05 28BB10K DMsm What I Love Wednesdays

Then found me again on the course.

2012 05 28 BB10K.2sm What I Love Wednesdays

We didn’t bring the bike this time, so he WALKED at least 5 miles with a backpack full of all my junk {clothes I decided not to wear, a change of shoes and post-race clothes, snacks and extra water}. All for a 10K. icon smile What I Love Wednesdays

And then, he arrived just in time after my stadium finish with a hug and a big smile.

2012 05 28 BB10K5sm What I Love Wednesdays

I’m sure I’d do the same for him if he was in a cycling race {but that hasn’t happened yet}.

And—fingers crossed—he says he just might sign up to run it WITH me next year.

His selfless desire to support me, be my biggest fan, travel many miles on foot to do so {without water or Gatorade stops of his own} and capture the best moments of the day—that’s What I Love on this Wednesday.

2012 05 28 BB10K lastSm What I Love Wednesdays


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Karen DeYoe May 30, 2012 at 3:38 pm

What a sweet, sweet story. That boy’s a keeper that’s for sure!


Merritt June 1, 2012 at 9:18 am

My heart is full. Grateful for this man! Thanks for your comment Aunt Karen!


Cindy Corson June 1, 2012 at 7:20 am

That’s my Big Bro! He is AWESOME!! :)


Merritt June 1, 2012 at 9:18 am

You got that right! :) I’m blessed to be his wife!


Kari Patterson June 2, 2012 at 9:41 pm

What a beautiful site you have! Wow, it’s such a joy to “meet” you here through your words. Thanks for your encouragement with running … I’m a newbie still scared out of my shorts, but willing to try! You truly have such warm, inviting, gracious space here. Thanks for writing, for reading, and for sharing your life! Blessings!


Merritt June 3, 2012 at 6:52 pm

Hi Kari – So fun to see you here after visiting your blog last week (which I love, by the way!) Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving your mark. You made my night!


krystina May 15, 2013 at 9:18 am

link your loves to what i love wednesdays http://whatilovewednesday.blogspot.com/ it’s a linky party! yay!!!


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