What I Love Wednesdays!

by Merritt on July 4, 2012

Happy Independence Day! All our local fireworks have been cancelled {which makes sense because of the fires across the state of Colorado}. What are you doing for the 4th? Why not take a minute and send me an email {merrittATlivesimplyloveDOTcom} with a quick paragraph {or two} sharing what you love about your spouse. Here’s one from a reader for a little inspiration…

Jenny runs a blog over at Conscientious Confusion where she writes about green living, natural health, cloth diapering, natural parenting, and conscientious consumerism. Go check her out! In the meantime, here’s her entry for What I love Wednesdays!

One thing that I love and deeply appreciate about Christian is his never-ending confidence in my abilities. When I wanted to sell Arbonne? Do it! When I got an offer to change jobs even though I would need to learn a new programming language? You can do it! I don’t know if it’s worth it to attend this blogging conference when I don’t make any money off my blog. It sounds great! When we were considering me staying home after our second child was born, even though the money would be insanely tight? It’s worth it! Now I really believe in Young Living essential oils, and I’d like to sign up for that even though we all know what happened with Arbonne? I have faith in you! I haven’t worked out in 2 years, but I think I’m going to teach Pilates? All right!

I might add that he has been batting almost 100% (except for Arbonne…totally my fault, I got carried away buying things!) with his confidence in the things we have talked about together and decided to do. Thanks for always encouraging me to try new things and to have confidence in my abilities, even when I don’t!

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