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by Merritt on July 25, 2012

Many thanks to Whitney–coming to us today from her blog The Married Me–for submitting to What I Love Wednesdays! Take it away Whitney!

What I love most about my husband Chris is how incredibly hard working he is.  As a kid he started his own mowing business at thirteen and I don’t think he has stopped working since.

When we were teenagers it was nice that he could always afford to take me out to a movie or dinner, but when we got married it morphed into a more mature desire to provide for this new family we created when we exchanged our vows.

I still have one more year of nursing school to finish and his dedication to being a provider has allowed me to not have to pick up a part-time job while dealing with the stresses that nursing school brings me. That piece of mind is worth its weight in gold and I am so incredibly blessed to call him my husband. I know that being the sole income for a family comes with a lot of added stresses but he rarely shares them with me and instead bears the burden on his own and works overtime to leave us comfortable. I’m so grateful.

Thinking about it I probably don’t even come close to thanking Chris enough for all the hard work he puts in for our little family, so thank you to Merritt for allowing me to profess my gratitude in a new way from the Live Simply Love blogtop!

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