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by Merritt on March 14, 2012

When I don’t have a reader-submission for What I Love Wednesdays, I generally share what I love about the Husband. {See instructions below on how to submit yours!} 

Today I was reminded of one thing that is truly precious about him–his character. When we were dating, I was in the midst of reading the book Wild At Heart. I wanted to learn more about men, and John Eldredge painted a picture for me of the adventures that ALL men want to pursue with their wives. {That sounded good to me.} So one day I asked Todd what adventure he planned to take me on. His answer stunned me.

“All I have to offer you is my character.” 

I was speechless for a moment. And it occurred to me that I’d never dated anyone for his character. It wasn’t because character wasn’t important to me, it just wasn’t on my radar {which, in effect, I guess still meant it wasn’t important to me…still trying to figure this one out}. But I was me-focused. I wanted what I wanted {or shall I say “who” I wanted}. And somehow this important clue about choosing a husband was lost on me. Today, I’m so grateful that God put the brakes on my plans, opened my eyes and pointed me towards His best.

If you’d like to submit what you love about your spouse…or even your marriage…to What I Love Wednesdays, please email me at: merritt {at} livesimplylove {dot} com. Briefly tell me what you love, and be sure to include a favorite pic!

There’s something else I want to share today…but it’s not about the Husband. Rather, it’s a blog post I read this morning on Michael Hyatt’s blog called Intentional Leadership–Does Your Marriage Have a Mission Statement? And it’s definitely worth the 3 minute read. So, hop over there, give it a look, and then come on back and tell me what you think in the comments below.

Have you ever considered a mission statement for your marriage? We don’t have one…but it’s definitely something I’m thinking about now. 

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